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ZhenJiang Pure Optik Co., Ltd. is located in DanYang, the capital of glasses in the world. More than 50% of the world's lens production, research and development are concentrated here. Therefore, it gathers the best and most complete optical lens supporting services in the world.

Pure Optik is one of the earliest enterprises to propose a supply chain design and solution system centered on customer development needs.Through three major systems: visual standard service system, 7 types of digital inspection standard system, marketing empowerment system, and a product system that has undergone 26 types of product testing subjects, have changed the phenomenon of the separation of supply chain links and market sales links in import and export business, helped customers optimize the supply chain system, achieving shared responsibility and authority for all links.

Pure Optik,committed to focusing on the challenges and pressures of partners, providing competitive product and service solutions,truly starting with the end,and building a symbiotic cooperative relationship of planing together, sharing together, responsibility together with our partners.



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    26 types,526 types of
    product testing subjects

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    reply within 24 hours

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    Pure Optik,Multiple brands
    meet different market demands