Single Vision Seris

  Pure Optik is an optical lens manufacturer from China with over ten years of factory experience and is a provider of optical lens supply chain design solutions.
  As the most important component of optical lensesSingle lens is the most common type of eyeglass, usually made of optical materials such as glass or resin. After polishing, it is assembled with the eyeglass frame to correct the user's vision and obtain a clear field of view. Single lens refers to a single focal lens, which has only one focal point and can correct central vision, but does not correct peripheral vision.
  The Pure single lens product line currently has four performance levels.
  Pure Optik provides a rich range of single lens products to meet the needs of wearers.
  From traditional single beam lenses with lower prices to personalized single beam lenses with high precision from PureSensor.
  The design of single lens lenses requires consideration of visual quality, appearance, and wearing comfort (such as weight). Nowadays, the refractive index of resin and glass lenses, as well as aspheric/non toroidal designs, is improved, allowing for the production of flat and lightweight lenses, providing excellent visual and wearing comfort even for patients who require high prescription levels.
  Single Vision lenses are mainly used for single degree distance or reading glasses. Single Vision reading lenses often fail to provide acceptable visual quality for presbyopia patients at medium distances, and they are gradually being replaced by so-called progressive lenses for use at distances even further than close range.
  In order to meet the needs of market development, practitioners in the optical industry constantly find subdivided needs among users, and meet the needs of different types of users by constantly shaping Product differentiation.At present, there are mainly the following differences in single vision lenses:
1.Difference in refractive index1.499,1.56,1.60,1.61,1.67,1.71,1.74,PC,Hi-impact,Travix,etc.
2.Design DifferencesAsphericalSpherical
3.Functional differencesClear Vision,Photochromic,Tinted,Polarized,Anti-glare,etc.
4.UV index differenceAnti-350,Anti-380,Anti-400,Anti-420,etc.
2.Morphological differencesFinished SVSemi-Finished SV

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Single Vision Seris
INDEXAbbeSpecific GravityDesignCoatingCoating ColorTintedUV Cut (nm)

Single Clear Vision
Unyielding Optics

Lens Features:
1.Spheric Design
2.Aspheric Design
3.Double-ASP Design
4.Surface Design

Lightweight And bright
Unimpaired And Precise Vision
26 types of product testing subjects
18 Layer Double Sided Coating-Tech , 100nm Level
Plasma bombardment coating technology
Coating Design: Green/Blueetc
Anti counterfeiting logo (optional)

Consumer Profile:Daily Life

Single Clear Vision
1.49975/70/65-6.00 to +6.00-4.00UV360
1.49970/65-6.00 to +6.00-4.00UV400
1.5672/65-8.00 to +6.00-4.00UV380
1.5672/65-8.00 to +6.00-4.00UV400
1.5775/65-8.00 to +6.00-2.00Hi-impact
PC70/65-6.00 to +6.00-4.00UV400
1.6075/65-10.00 to +6.00-4.00Plus No Ext Cyl
1.6775/65-15.00 to +6.00-4.00Plus No Ext Cyl
1.6775/65-0.00 to -15.00-2.00Double ASP
1.7475/65-0.00 to -15.00-2.00No Plus