You Will Win

Corporation Mode

ZhenJiang PureOptik Co., Ltd is an open enterprise centered on the development of partners in regional markets. We are committed to creating differentiated products and services, continuously improving the competitiveness of partners in the development process to meet various needs, and from a marketing perspective, through continuous efforts, transforming the advantages of products and services into consumer reputation and excellent experiences.

We believe that foreign trade in the 21st century is no longer a traditional buying and selling relationship, but rather, together with partners, centered on the development needs of regional markets, establishing common business goals and values, jointly building successful elements guided by business goals, achieving the integration of factories and business partners throughout the entire sales process, and ultimately achieving collusion, joint responsibility, and sharing.

Therefore, in addition to the traditional OEM/ODM cooperation model, ZhenJiang PureOptik Co., Ltd. adheres to a highly open business philosophy, together with partners, develops various distinctive cooperation models, achieving significant results:

Global Partner Plan

Corporation Win

  • A Reliable Partner

    Receive And Do
    Say And Do
    Think And Do

  • Base Item

    Rich Products
    Reasonable Price
    Superior Quality
    Committed Services
    R&D Center
    Alternative Brands

  • Value Added Items

    Visualize Standard Service Processes
    Improvement Of Procurement Capability
    Marketing Value-Added Services

Corporation Process

  • Initiate application
  • Qualification review
  • sign an agreement
  • Cooperation