UV++ Blue Seris

  Pure provides a series of UV420++ Blue Cut lenses for improving vision.
  In order to adapt to today's perspective, what are the needs of our eyes? Pure can provide suitable and feasible solutions.
  The world is undergoing rapid changes, and our visual needs also need to change accordingly. However, the development of our eyes cannot keep up with the changes in the "visual" world. With the help of Pure UV420++ Blue Cut lenses, we actively respond to different development trends and consumer demands - providing a better visual experience.
  An excellent enterprise not only needs to produce excellent products, but also needs to have sufficient accumulation of market application scenarios and deep professional capabilities. Just like an excellent blue cut lens, it not only depends on its UV value, barrier index, or the flawless surface of the lens, but also matches more suitable technical indicators based on actual user usage scenarios.
  As is well known, the higher the barrier index of blue cut lens, the yellower the background color of it. If it is an industry engaged in design or sensitive to color, the blue light index should not be too high. It is necessary to protect the eyes from blue light damage caused by electronic devices and ensure the characteristics of the industry, and not have a significant impact on color deviation.
  Therefore, Pure Optik has launched four major blue light barrier technologies to meet different customer needs.

NO. Technical Name UV Value Suitable population
Normal Blue Cut Lens UV420++ Severe Blue Light Victim
No Base Color Blue Block Lens UV407-UV410 Mild Blue Light Victim Special Industry Users
3 Coating Blue Block Lens UV400/UV420 Special Industry Users
Value Of Barrier Index Customized Customized Special Industry Users

UC++ Blue Cut Seris
INDEX Design Function Coating Coating Color Add Photo
1.50  SP Material/Coating HMC/SHMC Green/Blue/Anti-Glare Spin
1.56  SP Material/Coating HMC/SHMC Green/Blue/Anti-Glare Material/Spin
1.591PC SP Material/Coating HMC/SHMC Green/Blue Spin
1.61  SP Material/Coating HMC/SHMC Green/Blue/Anti-Glare Spin
1.67  ASP Material/Coating HMC/SHMC Green/Blue Spin
1.74  SP Material/Coating HMC/SHMC Green Spin

UC++ Blue Vision
Unyielding Optics

Lens Features:
1.Spheric Design
2.Aspheric Design
3.Double-ASP Design
4.Surface Design

Anti-blue technology
UC technology+Coating technology
Unimpaired And Precise Vision
26 types of product testing subjects
18 Layer Double Sided Coating-Tech , 100nm Level
Plasma bombardment coating technology
Coating Design: Green/Blueetc
Anti counterfeiting logo (optional)

Consumer Profile:Long-term exposure to electronic products

UV++ Blue Cut Lenses
1.5672/65-8.00 to +6.00-4.00
PC72/65-6.00 to +6.00-4.00
1.6075/65-10.00 to +6.00-4.00Plus No Ext Cyl
1.6775/65-15.00 to +6.00-4.00Plus No Ext Cyl
1.6775-0.00 to -15.00-2.00Double ASP
1.7475-0.00 to -15.00-2.00No Plus