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As the ceiling of photochromic lenses, Transition has always been the goal of all enterprises. Pure Optik is committed to providing consumers with deeper, faster and more stable photochromic lenses.

PureSensor Mission


The Detection Results Of PureSensor Photochromic Lenses         81% Color Depth
after 10 Seconds Of Ultraviolet Light Irradiation


PureSensor Photochromic Lenses Can Be Returned Fromtheir Deepest State To 85% Transmittance In Just Two Minutes


Different From traditional Photochromic Lenses, PureSensor Always Innovates With Mission Trend.

Not Just Brown/Gray/Green

Color change depth VS color change/fading speed

Traditional color change

Under the combined effect of ultraviolet light and temperature, hundreds of millions of photochromic molecules immediately begin to transform the structure of the photochromic lens, so as to realize the fading process of the lens. The efficiency of molecular structure transformation is the key to determine the color changing ability of the lens.

In the ordinary color changing lens, the color changing molecules begin to transform the structure successively after receiving the UV signal. The darker the color is, the longer the transformation time of the color changing molecular structure is, and the color changing speed will correspondingly slow down. Similarly, the process of restoring to transparency also takes longer.

The traditional color changing technology changes the color depth of the color changing molecules in sequence under the action of ultraviolet radiation.

If we want to improve the color changing speed, we can only reduce the distribution of color changing molecules to shorten the time of the color changing process.However, due to the decrease in the number of color changing molecules, the depth of color change is weakened and the color change is shallower as the speed increases.

Spin Photochromic Technology

Spin Photochromic lenses use innovative color changing technology to reconstruct the structure of color changing molecules,Breaking through the molecular sequence of sequential and sequential transformation of color changing molecules in traditional color changing technology.After receiving ultraviolet radiation, the color changing molecules synchronously begin to change their structure, greatly improving the color changing response efficiency.

Color change depth VS color change/fading speed


1.Deeper discoloration

In the same UV intensity and temperature environment,the color depth achieved by spin coated lenses is 29.8% higher than that of ordinary color changing lenses.

2.Faster color change

Spin coated lenses use photochromic molecules that are more sensitive to light induced response, and undergo timely changes under the action of ultraviolet light, instantly reaching a semi transparent state.

3.Fading makes it clearer

Spin coated lenses are transparent and have no background color, and can quickly fade and gradually restore to a colorless and transparent state in weak light and ultraviolet environments.

Dyeing Technology

.Color Type

Full color/Half color/Gradient color

.Dyeing LensType

UC Tinted
HTC Tinted

.Power LensType

Power Tinted Lens1.499/1.56/1.60
RX Tinted Lens

.Technical Requirements

Multiple Batches 100% Consistency In Color Scheme
Transmittance 3


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