Brand Story

I'm Peter,born in a world-famous glasses town-DanYang, China, which is full of all kinds of optical lenses and related
products. In the past 40 years, the scale of production here has been getting bigger
and bigger, at the same time, it has been accompanied by lower and lower prices, with uneven
quality and service. More and more enterprises, customers, and employees cant bear the
pressure of competition and slip into the quagmire of price wars, resulting in
continuous discounts in quality and services, as well as a decline in the desire for R&D
and innovation, a vicious circle.

Because I insisted on the existing quality and service system, I gradually found that it became more and
more difficult to do business, and the asking price of many customers could not even cover the cost of
production. For this reason, I have also shaken my original intention and wanted to join the ranks of
companies whose core is price wars.

After a tough psychological struggle, I chose to stick to my original intention.
High-quality products and reasonable profits are not for making more money, but for more customers who want to get high-quality products and services to continue to enjoy good products and services.
He made me understand that the pursuit of customers is not low prices, but that the products can be sold smoothly and serve their customers better. Therefore, I not only adhered to my own established system, but also devoted myself to the study and research of marketing to help my clients have more ideas, methods and models for creating value.
Therefore, I created a new brand "Pure" and told myself not to forget my original intention and to be unyielding.

Quality, service, brand, word of mouth, innovation, any word is an extremely difficult road. But just like our name, "Pure", if you have a brand dream, if you have an unyielding ambition, please join us, when personal power is always unattainable by various factors, Witnessing and participating in the growth of a brand or company, and making your own contribution, is also a road to becoming a hero, and what you will finally gain is the relief of the subverter!