Small Dia Seris

  Pure Optik is an optical lens manufacturer from China with over ten years of factory experience and is a provider of optical lens supply chain design solutions.
  While balancing technical aspects, Pure Optik has also invested a lot of time and effort in the development of hyperopia products.
  As is well known, although the edge thickness of myopia products is very high during use, due to cutting and usage, a large piece of the edge will be cut off, which naturally improves the overall aesthetics of the lens. However, hyperopia lenses are different. The center of the hyperopia lens is thick and the edge is thin. Therefore, during the processing process, not only cant its aesthetics be reduced, but the thickness of the lens will be further magnified. Not only is it heavy to wear, but the glasses are also very unattractive.
  Therefore, Pure Optik has increased the reserve of small diameter lenses and the development of thinning technology in some commonly used refractive index hyperopia lenses, allowing consumers to have more excellent choices and a better consumer experience when purchasing hyperopia products.
  One corner of the small diameter product specification series of Pure Optik:(Welcome to inquire about detailed semi-finished product parameters)

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Small Dia Seris
IndexDiaTintedAdd PhotochromicAdd Blue Cut
Small Diameter Vision
1.49965SV-6.00 to +6.00-6.00
60SV-6.00 to +6.00-4.00
55SV+0.25 to +8.00-4.00
1.5665SV-6.00 to +6.00-6.00
60SV+0.25 to +6.00-6.00
55SV+0.25 to +8.00-4.00
50SV+0.25 to +20.00-2.00
65Blue+0.25 to +6.00-6.00
60Blue+0.25 to +8.00-4.00
55Blue+0.25 to +8.00-4.00
65Photo+0.25 to +6.00-6.00Gray
60Photo+0.25 to +8.00-4.00Gray
55Photo+0.25 to +8.00-4.00Gray
65Blue+Photo+0.25 to +6.00-6.00Gray
60Blue+Photo+0.25 to +8.00-4.00Gray
1.6060SV+0.25 to +10.00-4.00
Special Diameter Vision
1..5680SV-0.00 to -8.00-2.00
1..5690SV-0.00 to -6.00-2.00