Product advantages

  • Concept Of Target Customers:

    Create the coordination and unification of Target User, Product and Markets

  • Concept Of Complete Product:

    TrinityCore Products+Considerate Service+Experience And Feeling complete product+26 inspection categories+2 sets of digital standard inspection system ensure stable quality and uniform standards

  • Concept Of Product Layout:

    Function layoutprice layoutchannel layout

Color Seris

Great experience under the sun:Photochromic/Tinted Sunlens/Polarized/Polaroid+Photo

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RX Seris


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Semi Finished Seris

Provide more options for lab,Provide users with a better experience

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UV++ Blue Seris

Prevent harmful blue light,Blue Cut or Blue Control

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Single Vision Seris

Multiple Material Selection1.499/1.56/1.57Hi-impact/1.60/1.67/1.74/PC/Travix

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Multifocal Seris

Technology creates a better lifeBifocal Lens/Multifocal Lens

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Small Dia Seris

Extremely beautiful and thin, making hyperopia lenses more beautiful

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