Semi Finished Seris

  Pure Optik is an optical lens manufacturer from China with over ten years of factory experience and is a provider of optical lens supply chain design solutions.
  With the development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of consumer demand in the market, more and more consumers are choosing optical lens products with more advanced technology, more obvious functional differences, and more personalized features.
  Not only that, but also considering aesthetics, timeliness, and ease of assembly, more and more enterprises are starting to set up optical laboratories in the local area to provide users with better services and product experiences.
  Pure Optik will be committed to this experience goal, working together with local optical laboratories to provide consumers with over more than 100+ carefully selected semi-finished products, providing better quality and efficient service to consumers.
  Considering that semi-finished lenses have the characteristics of fast demand, high single item value, and complex processing processes, Pure Optik continuously adjusts and optimizes the products to not only provide rich product categories, complete functions, and diverse diameter specifications, but also achieve faster grinding effects and a wider degree range through differentiated design of curvature and thickness, Committed to greatly reducing the reserve specifications and quantity of semi-finished products for partners, and improving the efficiency of warehouse and fund utilization.
At the same time, for an excellent semi-finished product, the two core elements
  1.the stability of curvature tolerance
  2.the uniformity of polymerization dyeing
  Pure Optik adopts a unique mold design and curing process design, so that the curvature tolerance of each semi-finished product is controlled within 4, and the dyeing uniformity rate exceeds 99%. The difference in transmittance between lenses with the same refractive index and same degree is 3, which will greatly reduce lens loss and provide service efficiency.
  One corner of the semi-finished product specification series of Pure Optik:(Welcome to inquire about detailed semi-finished product parameters)

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Single Vision Seris
1 1.499 S/F Seris 1.499 S/F SV Lens65/70/75/80/85
2 1.499 UV400 S/F SV Lens75
3 1.499 S/F ASP SV Lens70/75
4 1.499 S/F Flat-Top Bifocal Lens 70/28,65/28
5 1.499 S/F Round Top Bifocal Lens70/28
6 1.499 S/F Blended Bifocal Lens70/28
7 1.499 S/F Progressive Lens7512/14/17Corridor
8 1.499 S/F Lenticular SV Lens40/68,35/65
9 1.499 S/F Polarized SV Lens77/80
10 1.499 S/F Polarized Progressive Lens7512/17Corridor
11 1.56 S/F Seris 1.56 S/F SV Lens65/70/75/80/85
12 1.56 UV400 S/F SV Lens70/75
13 1.56 ASP S/F SV Lens70/75
14 1.56 S/F Flat-Top Bifocal Lens 70/28
15 1.56 S/F UV400 Flat-Top Bifocal Lens 70/28
16 1.56 S/F Blended Bifocal Lens70/28
17 1.56 UV400 S/F Blended Bifocal Lens70/28
18 1.56 S/F Round Top Bifocal Lens70/28
19 1.56 S/F Progressive Lens 75/7010/12/14/17Corridor
20 1.56 S/F Lenticular SV Lens40/68,35/65
21 1.60MR-8) S/F Seris 1.60(MR-8) S/F SV Lens75/80
22 1.60(MR-8) ASP S/F SV Lens75
23 1.60(MR-8) S/F Progressive Lens8/10/12/14/17Corridor
24 1.60(MR-8) S/F Flat-Top Bifocal Lens 70/28
25 1.60(MR-8) S/F Round Top Bifocal Lens 70/28
26 1.60 (MR-8) S/F Lenticular Lens35/65
27 1.60 (MR-8) S/F Polarized SV Lens75
28 1.67MR-7) S/F Seris 1.67(MR-7) S/F SV Lens65/70/75/80
29 1.67(MR-7) ASP S/F SV Lens 75
30 1.67 MR-7 S/F Progressive Lens758/12Corridor
31 1.67(MR-7) Photochromic S/F SV Lens 75
32 1.67 (MR-7) S/F Lenticular Lens40/68
33 1.74MR-174) S/F Seris 1.74(MR-174) S/F SV Lens65/70/75
34 1.74(MR-174) ASP S/F SV Lens 65/70/75
35 1.74(MR-174) S/F Polarized SV Lens 75
361.591PC) S/F Seris 1.591 PC S/F SV Lens75
37 1.591 PC Photochromic S/F SV Lens75
38 Kinds Of S/F UV++ Blue Block Seris 1.499 UV++ S/F SV Lens70/75
39 1.499 UV++ S/F Progressive Lens 7512/14/17Corridor
40 1.56 UV++ S/F SV Lens75
41 1.56 UV++ ASP S/F SV Lens 70
42 1.56 UV++ S/F Progressive Lens7012/14/17Corridor
43 1.56 UV++ PHOTO S/F Progressive Lens7012/14Corridor
44 1.56 UV++ S/F Round-Top Bifocal Lens 70/28
45 1.56 UV++ S/F BLENDED BIFOCAL Lens 70/28
46 1.56 PHOTO UV++ S/F Single Vision Lens70
47 1.60(MR-8) UV++ S/F Single Vision Lens70/75
48 1.60(MR-8) UV++ ASP S/F Single Vision Lens70/75
49 1.67(MR-10)UV++ S/F Single Vision Lens 70
50 1.67(MR-10)UV++ ASP S/F Single Vision Lens70/75
51 1.74(MR-174) UV++ S/F Single Vision Lens 65/70/75
52 1.499 S/F Photochromic Seris 1.499 S/F Photochromic SV Lens70/75
53 1.499 S/F Photochromic Progressive Lens7512Corridor
54 1.56 S/F Photochromic Seris1.56 Photochromic S/F SV Lens65/70/75/80
55 1.56 Photochromic S/F Progressive Lens 7212/14Corridor
56 1.56 Photochromic S/F Round-Top Bifocal Lens70/28
57 1.56 Photochromic S/F Blended Bifocal Lens70/28
58 1.56 Photochromic S/F Flat-Top Bifocal Lens70/28
59 Kinds Of S/F Spin Photochromic Seris1.499 Spin-Photo S/F Single Vision Lens75Grey /Brown
60 1.499 UV++ Spin-Photo S/F Single Vision Lens75Grey /Brown
61 1.56 Spin-Photo S/F Single Vision Lens75Grey /Brown
62 1.56 UV++ Spin-Photo S/F Single Vision Lens75Grey /Brown
63 1.60(MR-8) Spin-Photo S/F Single Vision Lens75Grey /Brown
64 1.67 (MR-7) Spin-Photo S/F Single Vision Lens75Grey /Brown
65 1.74(MR-174) Spin-Photo S/F Single Vision Lens65/70/75Grey