Multifocal Seris

  Pure Optik is an optical lens manufacturer from China with over ten years of factory experience and is a provider of optical lens supply chain design solutions.
  Pure provides a series of multifocal lenses for improving vision.
  In order to adapt to today's perspective, what are the needs of our eyes? Pure can provide suitable and feasible solutions.
  The world is undergoing rapid changes, and our visual needs also need to change accordingly. However, the development of our eyes cannot keep up with the changes in the "visual" world. With the help of Pure multifocal lenses, we actively respond to different development trends and consumer demands - providing a better visual experience.
  As the name suggests, multifocal lenses have multiple focal points on one lens. If divided from the focus, lenses can be divided into single focus lenses, bifocal lenses, and multifocal lenses.
  The original intention of the design of multifocal lenses is to provide natural, convenient, and comfortable correction methods for presbyopia patients. Wearing multifocal lenses is like taking a camera. A pair of glasses can not only see far away, but also close up, and can also see objects at medium distances. So we also describe multifocal lenses as "lenses that can zoom", and after wearing them, one pair of glasses is equivalent to using multiple pairs of glasses.

1. Digital devices are challenging our daily lives
  Compared to reading books or any other paper media, reading on digital devices requires a closer reading distance. We also need to consider fast and dynamic eye movements - frequent from near to far, from far to near.
2. Fashion trends are constantly evolving
  The shape and size of the frame are constantly changing, providing high-quality optics and quickly adapting to any frame. The key is how to make multifocal lenses suitable for new frames (such as larger frames) and understand the movement trajectory of consumers' eyes.
3. Lens design technology that conforms to our facial structure
  The facial shape determines the visual experience of multifocal lenses. A modern and high-tech multifocal lens should meet the facial parameters of the wearer in order to achieve better matching of the eye, lens, and frame systems, thus fully utilizing three-dimensional vision.
4. Personalized requirements require customized solutions
  More and more people are hoping for customized solutions. Multi focal lenses not only take into account the physiological conditions of the wearer, but also provide a more natural visual experience for their main daily activities.
  The foundation of all Pure multifocal lenses is precision imaging technology, divided into three pillars:
1. Clear vision
  Pure's precise and clear vision benefits from the high-precision advanced eye model and free form surface mold processing technology calculated point by point.
2. Dynamic vision
  Pure's design philosophy: effortless, excellent dynamic vision, and fast focus at any distance.
3. Thin and beautiful lenses
  Pure lens aesthetics: the balance between optics and thin lenses.

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Multifocal Seris
MultifocalDiaDesignCorridorAdd PhotochromicAdd Blue Cut
Round Top70/28,70/24//
Flat Top70/28//
Blended Top70/28,70/24//
Lenticular Lens65//
Progressive Lens70/75CrossbowMs Design9/12/14/17.etc.

Multifocal Lenses
Vision for you everyday

Lens Features:
Progressive DesignCrossbow/OptoTech/IOT/Seiko
full panoramicvision,with minimal distortions
Dual Core Intelligent Imaging Technology
Optimized fusion design for both eyes

Consumer Profile:
Progressive wearers who lead a modem lifestyle
Progressive wearers who seek optical
comfort for their daily routine
Progressive wearers who use digital devices

Bifocal Lenses
IndexRTFTBTBluePhotoBlue+PhotoSPH RangeADD RangeRemarks
1.499-2.00 to +3.00+100 to +3.00
1.56-2.00 to +3.00+100 to +3.00
PC-2.00 to +3.00+100 to +3.00Only FT To Blue
1.60-2.00 to +3.00+100 to +3.00
Progressive Lenses
IndexHMCBluePhotoBlue+PhotoSPH RangeADD RangeCorridorRemarks
1.5-2.00 to +3.00+100 to +3.00leng/short
1.56-2.00 to +3.00+100 to +3.00leng/short
PC-2.00 to +3.00+100 to +3.00leng/short